“The work Caroline is doing with her team is hugely impressive though it is sad it has to be done. The work she is doing to get that message out there, not to carry a weapon, is hugely important. What has been striking in what Caroline has said is the figures they’re collecting from schools with children who admit to carrying a knife or some other bladed weapon. As she commented to me, some schools don’t accept this is happening – and some parents won’t know what their children are doing. The key message must be to youngsters – don’t carry.” -Home Secretary - Theresa May

“I am a strong supporter of the work of Caroline Shearer and Only Cowards Carry to educate young people about knife crime, and to discourage and deter young people from carrying weapons. We need both education and enforcement to tackle knife crime.” -Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex

“It is absolutely vital that the whole community fully supports the drive to stop people carrying weapons as the impacts are often devastating. I fully support the commitment from Only Cowards Carry to work with youngsters in primary and secondary schools which will complement the awareness packages that my Youth Officers deliver to year 8 students in Tendring, along with other partnership work”. -Cat Barrie, Superintendent Head of Professional Standards Department

'Since the tragic loss of your son you have shown remarkable courage. Your determination to do everything you can to prevent another parent having to suffer as you have is having an enormous impact on young people across Essex. You should be proud that, since its launch in 2012, 'Only Cowards Carry Weapons Awareness' has reached 25,000 young people. Through your hard work and dedication you are making our communities stronger, and our country a better place. -David Cameron February 2015

Only Cowards Carry have been local ambassadors in their activity around Tendring and across the whole of Essex. Their authentic and street credible approach to the younger sections of the community gives them a unique insight into understanding what is going on locally and being best placed to inform and educate the most vulnerable groups to be more aware of the tell tale signs and symptoms which could lead people into areas of further harm.

Within the last 18 months Tendring suffered from a spate of Knife point robberies in the summer months, arrests were made, a local criminal network was split up. Only Cowards Carry set the bar at a very high standard around the support to the preventative side of this activity, significant numbers of youths were briefed, media appeals were made and a knife amnesty was delivered to take weapons off the local streets and assist in raising awareness of the problem. Significantly figures show that through the considerable partnership efforts Serious Violent crime within the age group of 15 - 25 year olds has been reduced by 25%, Only Cowards were a key factor in making this real difference to the local youth.

- Chief Inspector, -Tendring District Commander Russ Cole 2015

“Very informative and well presented at their level” and “Very hard hitting, made children take the issue very seriously. Excellent advice which was understood by the children”. Buttsbury Junior School

“I have enjoyed volunteering for Only Cowards Carry as I think that this cause is really worthwhile and is doing great work in trying to bring knives and other very dangerous weapons off our streets. Only Cowards Carry are trying to teach adults and young children that carrying weapons isn’t the thing to do by showing them the dangers and consequences carrying weapons involves”. Volunteer

'I really enjoyed the lesson and learnt a lot. I didn't know how important it is to be aware and I now know what to do if someone is hurt by a knife.' Year 9 student.

'From the lesson, I would now definitely report if i knew someone was carrying a weapon.' Year 10 student.